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Volume 67. Number 4/2009

Social partnership of Mongolian Trade of Union, its tendency
Bulgantsogt Davaagiin, Master of Public Administration, assistant to the minister of agriculture

Soon after democratic revolution of 1990 Mongolian Trade Union defined itself as an independent organization which represents the working masses, set up again  anew relation with the Government and ruling Party and started organizational reform toward democracy and decentralization. According to the Law on Political Parties of 1990 and its amendment the parties and all public organizations (except Trade Unions) can be organized by only territorial signs, and Trade Unions should work in the enterprises, companies and organizations of any types of property.
Mongolian social welfare system, the issues of its reform  
Chinbat Purevsurengiin, Master of Public Administration, Nalaikh district. Chief of the Labour and social welfare service office
The goal of this work is to research reform issues of Mongolian welfare field in theoretical and practical aspects, to investigate its covered range, types and accessibility, and to define the ways of reform. 
Within this master work we have researched the theory and concepts using the documentation method, and on this base we have made comparative analysis of all kinds of social welfare services and present situation of Mongolian social welfare system using method of analysis and synthesis.

Some issues of upgrading social insurance system
Tumurkhuyag Buuraagiin, Master of Public Administration, Chief of the Prefecture Office, Dornogobi aimag
One of the main issues of leading social and economical relations at the transition period of Mongolia is social insurance. Social insurance system used in the developed countries has been forming in our country for the present time. There is a real need to manage it correctly and upgrade in the future. The issue of social insurance has become one of the basic functions of state management in the condition of market economic relations. It requires to research this issue at scientific and practical level, to estimate reached level and to define future tendencies. Also it’s very important to define the ways of upgrading social insurance system and the activities of its management.

Researching pension condition of disabled people
Davaadorj Tserendorjiin, Master of Public Administration, Bayanzurkh district, Chairman of social insurance department
In the market economy social welfare system plays an important role for the aged and disabled people, orphan children who can’t live independently. Negative consequence of transition period adversely affects vulnerable part of a society: the aged and disabled people and orphan children.
This part of a society is easy to be touched by influencing of nature and weather condition, economy, society and legislation. Especially it’s very important to increase the share of pension, assistance, alleviation and service for disabled people. 

State activities and response-report principle
Chinbat Surengiin, Master of Public Administration, Office of Parliament, assistant to the PM
Forms of political system of any society, including relations of state institutions depend on responsibility’s arrangement even have been defined by it.  
One of main criterions of democracy quality is principle of response-report. Legal person participated in governance should carry responsibility, answer and report for his activities and decisions to the unit where he has been empowered.   
It is very important for Mongolia to found alive connection between citizens, voters and their representations – officials with authority, political forces and organizations for forming political democratic culture and for establishing an arrangement of transparency and responsibility.

Some issues of upgrading ethics coordination of special public servants
Alimaa Dugerjavyn, Master of Public Administration
The issue of ethics has been becoming as an issue of common sense for any period of society in the world. Including the issue of public servants ethics has been very important and it requires strictness. Ethics and moral of public servants mean that they have to be honest with the oath, to esteem the law, to carry out their responsibilities within the law, to protect legal interests of the masses, to treat them kindly, to esteem state reputation, to be highly educated and to prefer masses’ interests. A lot of things depend on how public servants follow their ethics norms and the laws. At the present time there aren’t serious works and researches for ethics of public servants, especially of state special officers. 

Sustainable development and education of sustainable development
Gan-Ulzii Adiyasurengiin, Master of Public Administration, Executive director of the institute “EКО-ASIA”
Main base of developing economy with ecological orientation in a way of bringing into common trend of sustainable development of the XXI century’s world and of providing equilibrium of nature environment and social development is to education of sustainable development. Education of sustainable development has reached present time through next terms and contents: natural education, ecological education and environmental education. But there is a discussion among the schools and teachers because of misunderstanding differences and similarity of these terms. Therefore research results for ideas and concepts of sustainable development and education of sustainable development have been presented for you within the first chapter of my master work named “State policy for education of sustaineble development”.

Providing gender equality in educational field
Nyamtseveen Gendengiin, Master of Public Administration,  Officer of training office, Institute “Liberty” of Social Science
As a result of changes caused in the nineties steep difference has been occurring in gender state of Mongolia. Privilege position of women in educational and informal sectors has directed inevitably the attention of state and government officials and masses to gender issues.
Gradually Mongolia has entered into several international convention and contract on women issues and “National program for improving women’ position” 1996 and “National program for providing gender equality” 2002 have been confirmed and implemented.
National Committee of Gender Equality headed by Prime Minister of Mongolia and its working office have been established, and an expert in charge of gender issue has been working in all ministries from 2006. Also 3-rd task to define and confirm the goals of Century development, to increase women participation in decision making level; and 6-th task to eliminate gender equality in all educational stages until 2015 have been raised.

Pressure of state organizations and officials on the journalists’ activities corresponded to the laws, and ways to eliminate it 
Tseren-Ochir Lkhamjavyn, Master of Public Administration, Political correspondent of the Newspaper “Unuudriin toim”
In accordance with surveys’ results of some international organizations and our NGO that pressure of State organizations and some officials on the activities of journalists has been growing more in this field and it has had found criminal symptoms. For example, press observer organization centered in London has concluded that “imputing a crime to journalists has increased in Mongolia”.

Policy and realization of levying value added tax, and the possibilities of improving it
Bilgee Dolgoryn, Master of Public Administration, Khentii province. Deputy director of LLD “Bayalag khurakh”
Results of tax control conducted in 2000-2005 include next offences with high frequency that declining sale income, reducing contribution interest and capital repair costs from income tax. So there is a need to upgrade control of value added tax. The goal of my research is to study theoretical and methodic base of upgrading VAT, to make a summary of its present situation, and to define the ways of improving its efficiency and upgrading taxation and control. 

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