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Volume 57. Number 4/2006

D. Bold-Erdene. Chief of Sector in charge of the Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law of Academy of Sciences. Paradox of Mongolian Democracy.
The difficulties and problems faced to Mongolian Democracy have investigated clearly. Writer has raised the fate and future problems of present Democracy and concerned that we have to choose one of two ways: to retreat of Democracy or to upgrade and form the principles of Democracy.
He has considered the difficulties and problems faced to Democracy as obvious and definite paradox meaning but not as “system crisis”. He has expressed his opinions on causes, features, peculiarities and forms of Democracy Paradox.

Ts. Munkhtsetseg. Teacher of Mongolian Educational University. Symbolic politics: Theoretical issues and condition in Mongolia.
The survey of symbolic politics has been conducted seriously in western countries. This phenomenon has been existed in real life of our country since long ago, but it has been a new theme which never has been considered at research level. The objective of this article is to consider symbolic politics at theoretical level and to enter it into research circle.
Doctor Kh. Gundsambuu. Social portrait of employees.
Mongolia has entered to settled civilization and we have been had migration and settlement or parallel and double civilization. Its undeniable and classical representation is yesterday’s socialist exemplary and today’s market city Ulaanbaatar. If to touch upon lightly its appearance had been defined not by totalitarian regime however by market development.
T. Tumennast. Teacher of Sociology Department of Mongolian National University. The social and basic conditions of crime increasing in transitional period and sociologist searching.
Mongolian social relations have been becoming unprecedented viciously and we are living in inhumane, dishonest and unlawful society. Results of the last five years surveys have demonstrated that crime increasing have had a high percentage of upsetting people problems. For example, the survey results of Sociology Academy center (2000) have demonstrated that 30.5 per cent of survey participants have been worried more about this problem and 33.6 per cent of “Urban areas crime survey” participants (2005) have considered like this. Also 67 per cent participants of “Transformation and innovation of social relations” survey which have been conducted in rural areas have considered that criminal conditions have been complicated. Writer has wanted to share with some conclusions and opinions about social relations, crime increasing, process of criminalization and its basic preconditions.
R. Bold. A researcher. About the conception of Ralf Dahrendorf.
In post Karl Marx period the western scientists have put toward several versions of a theory of conflict. One of the most influential theories on the modern stage is included the conception of R.Dahrendorf, sociologist of Germany. “Conflict model of society” elaborated by Dahrendorf is reached in content, well arranged and systematic in form. In that concept the society is taken into consideration from different multi measured angles.
As Dahrendorf consider class struggle characters are determined by rights specifics and conflict between the subordinates and commanders is related not with their relation but in which part is dominated authority.
In any society in relation of the governance division the social stratum is not equal. Especially it forms their interests and volition aspiration, as a result, which of there is established conflicts and misunderstanding that has negative influence on the structural changes. A conflict is continued limitless that became as social changes resources.
To obliterate the conflict from the social life it is impossible in principles. The pleasant society is different from the bad society not by the conflict absent in opposite by its rights approach, its universally recognized and aspiration of its regulation by the rational method. As Dahrendorf considers forcible suppression of conflict puts into effect strained relations but in case if it is regulated by the rational method it is possible to be changed as “transfiguration with the control”.
R. Bold. A researcher. System and conflict. This article considers conflict basing on system theory. According to system theory, conflict is a kind of negative feedback that makes the system fail to control its boundaries of existence, to meet its internal goals and lose its basic stability for developing with its previous resources to current direction and at current level and gradually be no longer able to preserve itself with its current characters.
Conflict deals with the former type of the system’s existence and therefore creates the conditions for choosing or developing new way, new methods of existence. Conflict gives the system the chance to reveal its hidden potential and forces it to change consistent with time, and therefore system preserves its capability of existence. Thus here is explicitly explained that the transition of a system from one stable form to another is possible only with the emergence of conflict and its solution.
Doctor Yasmin Lodi. Guidelines for Writing a Research Paper.
Beginning a research project is usually a daunting task. These guidelines. Giving a step by step description of the research process, should help you through the process. Briefly, most academic writing requires asking a question worthy of an intellectual exploration, which in turn requires intensive reading on the issue. Then, through a rational assessment of the literature the answer is discovered. This informed opinion should be presented as an argument in a paper using an acceptable format. A step by description of the stages of research are given below.

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