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Volume 53. Number 4/2005

PhD. D.Bold-Erdene. The base and main types of the mongolian political mentality
Author studied the phases,types of the development of mongolian political mentality on base of history and political science. While studying mongolian political mentality he concentrate same time in global political mentality development and tried to find connection between them.

Prof. Kh.Gundsambuu, Academy of Management. Administrative stuffs
The part of the governmental stuff is administrative stuff. They are main persons who represent the government , connect citizens with government and deliver governmental service to the citizens. Author considered the hierarchy, grade, location, political position and age, gender of the administrative stuffs.
PhD A.Saruul. Soviet style corruption in modern Mongolia
Corruption in Mongolia has three different types. Reason of increasing corruption is weak government . Because of unformed legal environment, government doesn’t have defined activity plan, that gives possibility to use government as corruption source. The administrative institutions became most corruptioned places under legal cover of the government.
S.Galbadrakh. Lecturer of the Science and Technology University of Darkhan, doctorate of University of Management. Stimulate the economic development of regions: theory and the practices
Author considered survey of reasons of region’s economic success and facing problems in Mongolia on that issue. Also, he wrote about “Golden way”, the way of development of strategic important region.
Prof. D.Bayarkhuu. Comparative survey of the small country’s parliament
Criteria of the small country: population below 5 million, or not developed, countries dependent from another country. Most of them couldn’t consolidate democracy and parliamentarism and have monarch or presidential type of government. Following this survey, mongolian parliament has fewer members than world average.
Ch.Tamir. Lecturer of Sociology department, Mongolian State University. Basic tendence of voter’s behavior
In present time many theory and models of voter’s behavior and specific of the choice. All this theory can be grouped into three categories. And every tendences have different aspects to study voter’s behavior and factors affecting to voter’s choice. Off cource, every theory has different versions. We won’t explain all those theory. Therefore author stated main summary, principles and differences of sociological, social-psyhological theory and theory of rational choice, which explains the voter’s behavior.
PhD A.Saruul. Issues of the theory of transition period
The differences, was taken place during “real socialism” among postcommunist countries still have place in transition period. There’s no defined understanding about real socialism yet. We can divide transition period into several models. Also, there’s interesting questions such as “Is transition process depending from cultural tradition or….?” “Can we copy western democracy?” “On which issue we should concentrate to study transition period?”

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