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Volume 51. Number 2/2005

Doctor Bold-Erdene D. “Classical and contemporary sources of political theory”
This article reviews political theories and teaching of famous thinkers which had been kept in mind of mankind for their creation and the issues of their connection, correlation, tradition and continuation. The basis of the methodology is researching history of political thinking through mental creative activities of admirable everlasting thinkers from time immemorial.

Pagma A. Lecturer of the Academy of Political Education. “The Constitution and Presidential Institution”
This article has told about Peculiarity of Presidential institution, full rights and the social role of the president confirmed in the Constitution of Mongolia. Also an issue of clarification for mechanism connected with realization of some rights of the president is touched in this article.
Bolormaa M. Head of the Fund “Woman Leader”. “Present social civic situation”
This article expresses opinions of the author about civic society.
Tumendelger S. Lecturer of Educational University of Mongolia. “Labour market and gender issues in Mongolia”
In accordance with historical–comparative method this article tries to define present tendency of changing of women participation in labour market, and situation of horizontal and vertical gender distribution line in this market. This survey is based on second documents – statistical information and analysis is done insufficient of missing some necessary information.
We hope that reading this article you can get minimum understanding of that how labour market field is determined by patriarchal model.
Buyannenekh A. Lecturer of Cultural and Art University. “Max Weber, his life, sociological theory and views”.
This article introduces and gives out briefly life and creation of famous sociologist and most important German public administrative thinker Max Weber.
Galbadrakh S. Director of the Management Development Institute. “Some issues of forming economic relations of market economy”
Main goal of transition from centrally planned economy into market economic relations is to establish an effective economic system with ability to increase stable living level of population. Practical situation of the countries with transitional economy shows that establishing such economic system is not only economical issue and it requires wide social reforms.

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