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Volume 49. Number 4/2004

In the article named “Importance of supporting the open-state policy” Pagma. A, the pedagogue of Political Education Academy, said about representation of people, open activity parliament and importance and function of civil society for open activity.
Please read about importance of discussing this nowadays problem, when two basic political forces ruling government through consulting way, from this article.

In the article named “Civil leading and democracy” Zolmaa. J, the officer of Political Education Academy, the “civil leading” is determined as conception and made clear its character reforming in real life, role in democratic society by author. And there’s an intention, we can define how democracy consolidated in the country knowing if the civil leading become stable incident. She notified there’s a need of specific condition particular policy supporting civil leading, for forming civil society. There was some quotation from statistics of some countries in this article.
In the article named “Policy of establishing open parliament and local self-regulating organization and its performance” Enkhbayar. Yo, the pedagogue of Political Education Academy wrote that most important character of the Democratic government is open activity of legislature and local self-regulating organization. But its not satisfies for our country comparing to other countries. There’s a need of doing considerable work for making activity of self-regulating organization, open and carry out policy and strategy to make activity of legislature open and public.
Bayarkhuu. D, the professor and the pedagogue of International Relationship School of NUM, said in his article named “Great speed of Development of XXI century: prognostics and lesson” that after the Second World War, the World divided into 2 ideologies and this period has been called as period of “Cold War” or period of realism in the history. In 1990s, one of 2 ideals, Soviet Union disunited and there arise ideology about new discipline. The researchers and scientists are writing that USA is the only country that maintained own status in the world and this new status of USA was proved in practical life. However many questions persist without answer. Those are, did the tension and arguable problems fully disappear after “Cold War”? Does human stop arms race? Is amount of money spent for arming devoted for development of society and development?. Some researchers of foreign relationship prove that at the beginning of XXI century (09.11.2001) the IV World War has started. For them III World War had started by Israel and Arabian War at the end of 1940s. According to their preachment XXI century would be century of global terrorism. Most shocking terrorist attempts are anticipated for mankind. There may be more probability to do such kind of unsuspected attempt using nuclear, chemical and biological weapon.
Tamir. Ch, the pedagogue of Faculty of Sociology and Social officer of NUM said in his article named “Manipulation of Election and politicians’ destiny” about conflict and manipulation of election basing on consideration of experts who work during election. Seeing from study 38.3 percent of electors consider that there is manipulation during Election of State Great Khural, when 15 percent consider that there is manipulation during local election. He classified manipulation of election as manipulations related to committing list of candidates, pre-voting, mobile voting box, transference, counting votes. Also he considers that in order to decrease manipulation of election, first, we need to create system of mutual control, second, to improve responsibility mechanism, third, reform election law, fourth, political parties need to pay attention on session of working preparation.
In the consultation named “Things have to consider in studying speech skill”, Bayarmaa. B, the pedagogue of APE, explained issue on force to make successful speech, contexture of speech, how to communicate with auditor without word. Its practically important questions to pay attention in each part of speech based on mistakes that reporter made during his speech.
In the article named “Problematic issues on development of Mongol family” Dr. Gundsambuu. Kh and Oyunchimeg. Kh, the head of Palace of Wedding, wrote about just married couple who got married at the Palace of Wedding as research and journal style, basing on civil registration and information. Authors gave answers to the question that is common but important in daily life, such as whom is who? Whose descendant, are they? Who does cover the wedding expense? How did the married couple meet?

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