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Volume 48. Number 3/2004

About result of study “Evaluation of democracy and its change” held by Academy of Political Education: democracy is a real occurrence in Mongolia or in other word most percent of people who participate in study maintain democracy. Also they consider there’s obstacle in development of democracy because economic development is poor, corruption is everywhere, belief in state main institution is poor. The thought that there must be opposition force together with authority force, proved after SGK established in 2000 and its reasonable that it directly affect in result of SGK Election in 2004.

In the article named “Analysis on election” Tamir. Ch, the pedagogue of faculty of Sociology and social officer of NUM wrote about SGK election of 2004. He showed in his article pre-election political condition, qualification of electors particularly floating electors seriously affected for the election. Also he analyzed agitation of political forces during election, form of agitation and its distinction. He summarized first, idea tired from old voting, second, desire of electors to make parity for political parties, third, distinction of advertisement during election, fourth, there arise consideration of personnel force, firth, made a conclusion comparing promise of political force. Also there showed there arise manipulation, during election.
In the research work named “Tendency of people for expense of secondary education and its alteration” done by Prof. Batkhuyag. S, head of pedagogical faculty of Mongolian University of Education, Mast. Luvsandandar. G, the pedagogue of College of Teacher in Dornod province, Mast. Lkhagva. N, teacher of “Shavi” complex in Capital city set a purpose on one hand to know how do people pay attention on education of their children on the other hand to define if secondary school have to be payable or not. They made a conclusion analyzing arguments after considering natural, geographic, social and economic distinction of Mongolia, comparing aspect of delegates from each level of the society. They accumulated main information from totally 227 person, comprehending 197 person for question, 80 person for interview from Ulaanbaatar, Tuv, Dornod, Bayankhongor province in the range of research work. In this article they showed how they studied the tendency of people on common expense which always get from secondary school’s pupil and idea about people of which level should give this expense.
In the research work named “Factors affect to completing secondary education” done by (Sc.D) Nyamjav. D, the doctor of Mongolian University of Education, and Enkhtur. N, the pedagogue of branch school of NUM in Khovd province set their idea on problem of full class in secondary school is becoming problematic in educational system of Mongolia which have to decide, factors affecting full class and a reason of parents who decide which school they choose for their children basing on research fact of some secondary schools in Ulaanbaatar city and Khovd province. There are 212 person from city and rural area participated in this study. The result of the study was estimated by the method of statistic estimation and quality study /interview and questionnaire/. Therefore looking from some facts in the study, most parents choose the school for their children providing school with good teacher and training, material resources and its location.
In the article named “Some theory of explaining gender discrimination in employment” Tumendelger. S, the pedagogue of Mongolian University of Education, set a goal to discuss about main idea of theory explaining gender discrimination in labor market and its criticized issue together with readers. The theories of explaining gender discrimination divided into 3 groups as economical, social structural, cultural and moral and tried to consider well-known main theory for researchers from those groups of theories. However, there drawn a conclusion that its impossible to be universal theory, explaining gender relation in employment so that the theories which is tried to understand in the range of the article gives a confutable or otherwise explained alternative possibility because its accosted to the issue as its forms.
In the article named “Dialectic viewpoint of Popper. K” written by Enkhbayar. Yo, the pedagogue of Political Education Academy: Drawn a conclusion that Popper’s viewpoint is faulty because he over conferred dialectic viewpoint analyzing dialectic viewpoint, the base of theory of Marxism or dialectic materialist philosophy in detail. In other word, Popper consider that dialectic viewpoint is a perfect theory conforming all things of nature, society and intellect, so that doesn’t conform to scientific notional criterion or is closed domestically.
In the speech named “Issue on writing history of the Secret History of the Mongols” written by Bayarsaikhan. D, the doctorate of Institute of Education: In XIII century Mongolian historians developed own method to write a history, created their historical script and may by one of these methods was the method writing history as formulating like literature. Formulating history like this is important to understand it for people not historians. May be the writing history formulating by literal way is affected to calling “The Secret History of the Mongols” as historical and literal record.
In the speech named “Issue on some distinction of overtone singing of Mongol and Tuba” written by Enkhbayar. B, the student of Cultural College: Mongols’ method of overtone singing is requires more energy from man and overtone singer plays his melody through back side of the tongue not moving mouth remaining main tonal and when performing overtone singing, he keeps breath at the chest and lower side of throat. Method of Tuba overtone singing is similar for breath and cram. For Mongol overtone singing, making tremble is almost impossible, because overtone singer need much energy to sing and so his tongue tires sooner. Mongol overtone singing had improved and plays not only traditional song, but also classic song, when Tuba overtone singing plays just melody.

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