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Volume 47. Number 2/2004

In article “Democratic unsolved issues” translated by lecturer of APE S.Enkhtur included
ways of collecting contribution to the presidential election of USA, and also interesting fact that how J.Bush, candidate from Republican Party collects 250 million dollar, which has never been heard much capital, to his election campaign.
In article “Is open society democratic society?” by lecturer of APE Yo.Enkhbayar emphasized theoretical base of open society as for philosophy and considered doctrines of Popper and Soros about that. Along with it tried to consider process of open society in Mongolia.
In article “Argument: importance, following rules, examination” lecturer of APE B.Bayarmaa raised what is argument, its following rules, ethical norms and importance. From argument types emphasized parliament argument and mentioned by which rules and how to organize, by which principles judges to value.

“Theory and methodology to research the elector’s election customs” by Ch.Tamir, lecturer of Department of Sociology, National University of Mongolia tried to introduce to readers history of study customs of electors in Western countries, methodology used in research and research ways and technique. By doing thus used research materials in which is studied elector’s customs in countries such as America, England, Germany and France and related book and work. Also in article “Mongolian elector’s customs, district type, shifting movement” divided into five basic groups electors by their voting before the 2004 State Great Khural election. Divided into first “developing jarduud” (khugjin jarduud), second “floating electors”, third “opportunists”, fourth “new electors”, fifth “people, who have no possibility” and explained each group’s factors of paying attention and election customs. In second part of the article in each district considered electors’ vote movement. All districts also divided into five groups by change. It is proved from research result that most of the districts have movement from election to election. It shall be most important to issue election condition.
In article “On communication with public within election campaign in USA” translated by J.Zolmaa, employee of APE explained technologies such as ways to work with public, election budget, advertisement during USA election campaign by examples of candidates of president J.Bush, A.Gorr, Mc Kain.
In article “Human development complex strategy, its value issue” by lecturer of APE B.Altansukh What is source of development? Researchers and politicians are fully in agreement that source of development of every nation is highly educated, healthy and hopeful to future people. But issues of how value development capacity of citizens of the stated country left open till today and different kinds of tenets is coming out. In this theme considered human development index, which is widely agreed tenets and succeeded much in value of development level. Human development not only depends on only few factors but also proper human living environment, possibility to study and real income level.
In article “Soviet-Chinese relation, Soviet soldiers and professionals in Mongolia” by the senior lecturer of School of International Relations, National University of Mongolia exactly 15 years before in spring of 1989 started to put out Soviet soldiers from Mongolia. But because of forget of cause and process of putting out of Soviet soldiers by Mongols historical negation was left to our consciousness. It is proper to remember historical truth by looking at the past in order to sort out all guilt of “expelling brothers”, “expelled fraternal Soviet army” was directed to present democratic force.

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