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Volume 46. Number 1/2004

In her essay “Polytical marceting“ Mrs. Bayarmaa, academic of APE from the theoretical point of veiw concerns on the issue of significance for aplication of polytical marketing concept on defining profitable way of purchasing of a candidate polytical market and winning in the election after analysing and estimating, then making of due conclusion for the state of country and oppinion of voters preceding polytical leadership election poll and concequently influencing to the oppinion of electorate. In other words she has explained about how to win for an election candidate exactly conforming to the electorate oppinion and interest from marketing and polytical marketing sciences aspects.
From “Designing in polytics“ article written by D.Myagmarsuren, academic of sociology department at Khovd branch of Mongolian National University besides of learning about the designation, designing principle you will be introduced to the application of digital and computer technology for designing method in polytology which is different from other sciences by the object of study and principle.
In the article “About transparency and control of money flow in political circles“, which is the translation from “Money in Politics Handbook“ by Altansukh B., academic of APE it is written about consequently leading to controversial diverse explanations and oppinions the concomitant mutual dependence of polytics and money that truly encompass all forms of democratic society and relevant to countries where the democracy is only in developing stage.
In the article “Election competition is as ritual ceremony“ of Andreas Durner and Ludger Fogt published in the appendix of “Parliament“ in Federal Republic of Germany it was made attempts to define symbolic aspects of election campain as significant representational ritual of democracy. In first part the authors have concerned with the communication structure, role and its designation in the present day election campaign sphere. And in next part they have precisely analysed the election campain as the essential symbolic mean for representing the concept of democratic society. In the third last part of the article it was been shown the present value of polytical choice in the frame of multioptional society where defining our daily life values are becoming less important to individuals.
Author of article‚“Amendments to the Constitution and relating to this polytical trends and public oppinion“ Tamir Ch., academic of Sociology Department of Mongolian National University had closely examined the controversial theme of the amendments to the Constitution combining with public oppinion research and studies of experts on polytology and sociology. The fact of approving these amendments to the Constitution by consent of Mongolian polytical parties having seats in the parlament without taking into account concerning to this issue oppinions of the President and Costitution Court etc. bodies of Mongolian have decreased the public positive attitude to this. And besides in it there was reflected notion that this has multiplied the number of people with neutral attitude to the reforms which occurred in the country within last period of transition.
In the article‚ “International mass media and the election campain: the trend of specialisation on the election campains“ of Christina Holz-Bach published in “Das Parlament“ of Federal Republic of Germany basing on research materials there was pointed out about international tendency towardts using of mass media, especialy Telelevision broadcasting, as essential means of election campain struggling competition like in United States of America.

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